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Trending Properties in Waller

Waller real estate, Waller Homes, real estate in Waller Texas, recently sold properties, foreclosures, new homes, school information and much more is available on Waller Real Estate Guide. A complete guide for prospective home buyers, current home buyers and sellers.

Recently Listed in Waller

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
32119 Divot Dr, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$439,9003/23,4701
6444 Clark Rd., Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$85,0003/21,3621
6521 Carlton Speed Ranch Rd, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$85,0005/32,0261
2016 Key St, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$207,0004/22,9012
30030 Waller Spring Creek Rd, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$425,0003/22,2281
24017 Stanford Pl, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$355,0004/32,1281
17264 RUSTIC, WALLER, TX, 77484Single Family$99,0002/29681
18735 Mathis, WALLER, TX, 77484Single Family$219,5003/22,1601
21459 Fm 362 Rd, Waller, TX, 77484Country Homes/Acreage$948,0003/21,7371
702 Elm St, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$350,0002/12,9881
2615 BRAZEAL, WALLER, TX, 77484Single Family$264,9003/32,1941
1704 Key St, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$115,0003/21,7861
32106 Betka Rd, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$215,0003/21,8411
24623 Green Jay Drive, WALLER, TX, 77447Single Family$433,5004/32,9801
32114 Robin Lane, Waller, TX, 77484Country Homes/Acreage$230,0003/21,8200
20211 Great Lake St, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$223,0003/21,8481
16107 Fm 362 Rd, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$499,9005/38,7182
32901 Pine Tree Ln, Waller, TX, 77484Country Homes/Acreage$339,0003/22,0960
16015 FM 362, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$329,0003/22,2642
30535 Washington St, Waller, TX, 77484Single Family$160,0003/22,4441

Recently Sold Listings in Waller

Address Sold Date Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
31317 Buckeye Rd, Waller, TX, 7748404/17/2015Single Family$90,001 - $105,0004/22,4162
2716 Fitz Lee, Waller, TX, 7748404/16/2015Single Family$50,001 - $60,0003/18151
28313 FM 362, Waller, TX, 7748404/14/2015Country Homes/Acreage$80,001 - $90,0003/21,2161
32235 White Wing Dr, Waller, TX, 7748404/07/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,9261
29874 Howell Rd, Waller, TX, 7748404/02/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0002/21,5801
32142 Robin Ln., Waller, TX, 7748403/31/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/22,2421
30438 Binford Pl, Waller, TX, 7748403/23/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0003/11,4541
2005 Taylor St, Waller, TX, 7748402/27/2015Single Family$80,001 - $90,0003/11,0101
26897 Pine Tree Ct, Waller, TX, 7748402/27/2015Single Family$285,001 - $325,0004/32,8502
1303 Penick, Waller, TX, 7748402/17/2015Single Family$60,001 - $70,0003/21,7421
17928 Derby, Waller, TX, 7748402/11/2015Single Family$482,001 - $552,0004/44,0202
31134 RAVENWOOD LN, WALLER, TX, 7748401/30/2015Single Family$90,001 - $105,0003/21,2161
28858 FM 362, Waller, TX, 7748401/30/2015Country Homes/Acreage$482,001 - $552,0003/23,0001
34608 Rodeo Rd, Waller, TX, 7748401/23/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,3301
27255 Riley Rd, Waller, TX, 7748401/16/2015Single Family$60,001 - $70,0003/21,3301
271 PETTY RD, WALLER, TX, 7748401/09/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,0122
33737 Cameron, Waller, TX, 7748401/05/2015Country Homes/Acreage$552,001 - $627,0003/21,9201
17402 Kickapoo, Waller, TX, 7748412/30/2014Country Homes/Acreage$552,001 - $627,0003/21,7821
1518 Key, Waller, TX, 7748412/19/2014Single Family$60,001 - $70,0002/11,0211
26071 Forestcrest, Waller, TX, 7744712/19/2014Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/21,6801

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Golf Courses in Waller

Name Address
Waller Country Club 15357 Penick Rd

Schools in Waller

Find Waller schools and other information about the educational environment in Waller. View ratings on Waller schools and get the academic performance for each school in Waller.
Elementary School in Waller
Middle School in Waller
High School in Waller
Charter School in Waller

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